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    Question NDT or ISO training

    Looking to improve my resume and know a few guys who have taken some ISO 9000/9001 courses, they seem to run about $300/course. Also one friend did the NDT level 1 at his expense and then had to get a very low end job to meet the experience requirement and felt there wasn't much he could do with level 1 as most stuff was sent out and his $$$ for that training was at least in his case wasted. So far the ISO courses idea has seemed to be a positive idea from those I talked to if for no other reason it looked good on a resume as an effort on the applicants part. Guess a lot depends on who you work for and what they do. I'm simply trying to get an A&P job working with turbines. Opinion away guys. Thanks

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    Most MROs and ARSs advertize for NDT technicians when they need them or train their own, so I don't see it as a stand out resume bullet for a turbine engine maintenance position.

    ISO training is more for managers and auditors of Quality management Systems...can't remember ever seeing a job ad for a mechanic with ISO experience. Maybe a Chief Inspector or DOM position might seek an individual that is familiar with AS9100 or AS9110

    Just my opinion, I'm sure there are others [opinions] out there

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    ISO 9001 certification is suited to organisations who wish to improve their management processes and demonstrate that their quality credentials are independently verified. This usually leads to improved client retention and helps them win new business, particularly when bidding for public sector work where ISO 9001 is usually expected.


    For more information visit:ISO 9001

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