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02-02-2009, 09:51 AM
This video is of an F-16 dead stick landing into Elizabeth City, NC. See if you can keep all of the radio transmission straight. Probably the coolest sounding voice in the whole mix is the actual pilot of the engine out aircraft. Just a reminder... an F-16 has only one engine. When it goes, you are coming down. It is just a matter of figuring out where the airplane will come to rest on terra firma. Nice job... cool pilot! 8)


For those not familiar, the EPU (Electrical Power Unit) provides hydraulic and electrical power in event of failure of the engine, electrical or hydraulics. The EPU is powered by Hydrazine which decomposes into hot gasses as it passes across a catalyst bed or engine bleed air (if available). The hot air passes through a turbine which drive the emergency hydraulic pump and generator through a gear box.

B 8)